Splatter-day Saturday!

Hi everyone! I normally don't post on the weekends, but I have another blogger group mani! Splatters! Oh my, did things get messy haha. If you've never done a splatter mani before, you should really prepare yourself ;)

Basically, a splatter mani is when you dip a straw (yes, a drinking straw) into nail polish and then, by blowing through the other end of the straw with a fast puff of air onto your nail, you get a splatter effect.

Let's get to some pictures!

Close-up shot

The possibilities for polish for splatters is endless. You can paint your base any color and any design, then you can splatter with 1 color or go crazy with it and do more!  For my splatter, I did 1 coat of Color Club Where's the Soiree?, which is a 1 coater black. Then I layered 1 coat of Joe Fresh Twilight over it, which is a sheer black with iridescent flakies. Then I matted it using China Glaze Matte Magic. For the splatter itself, I used OPI Love is  Racket.

Useful tip when splattering: tape around your nail with scotch tape, so when you start the splatter, you can minimize your clean up time.

Soooo.. thoughts? Have you attempted splatters before? What were your favorite color combos?

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