Butter London Macbeth

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great! Today's Friday! Yes!!!!! I don't know about you, but my week has been dragggggggggggging.

So remember in yesterday's post I had mentioned that before removing my BL Marrow and Bluey, I added a top coat of glitter polish? Well same goes for today! I can't help myself! Lately I just layer different polishes over each other to see what looks I'll get.  I think next week's post might have to be a remix of some of this week's posts! Can't wait to show you!! (P.S. the one I layered over today's color is a special treat from my brother all the way from Las Vegas!)

Today I have for you Butter London Macbeth.  This is a gorgeous coral-y creme that I think is surprisingly fitting for this Fall season.  Who says Fall colors have to only be deep colors??

Click pictures to enlarge.

By now, you'll see it as no surprise that this was another perfect application.  Usually with colors like this I experience either some dragging or bald spots, but not with Macbeth.  This was 2 coats with one top coat of SV.

Soooo....what do you think? Do you think Macbeth is too loud for the Fall or can we pull it off?!


Butter London Bluey

Hi everyone! So before I get into today's Butter London, just going to run off on a little tangent. So earlier this week, I showed you both Marrow and Bluey. Before I took them both off, I decided to add a little pizazz to them! I'm sure many of you have heard of Revlon's new glitters from their Fall Expressionist Collection (especially because one of them is a Deborah Lippmann dupe!).  Anyways, I'm going to do a full review and swatch of them next week, but just wanted to tell you that I put one coat of Revlon's Facets of Fuschia (the DL dupe) over Marrow and it looked AMAZING! Same goes for Bluey; I put one coat of Blue Mosaic over it- glitter love!!! LOL.

....OK, so now back to your regularly scheduled program!....

Today's Butter London is Bluey. Bluey is such a gorgeous color in the bottle! It's a turquoise/blue with a gorgeous shimmer - I HAD to have it!

Click pictures to enlarge.

To my surprise, it was very sheer! I really wasn't expecting that, so I thought I was going to need to build up many coats in order to get full coverage. So on to coat number 2 I was, and pow! Full coverage with the second coat! Man, I love this brand. Full of surprises! One top coat of SV and I was in shiny Buttery Londony Bluey heaven!

Soooo.....what do you think? Do you have Bluey? Did you have full coverage after 2 coats too?


Butter London Marrow

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day :)

Part 3 of Butter London is here, and today I have Marrow for you. Marrow is a creamy blue-toned deep purple. It looks purple in most light, but you can actually catch it where it looks navy blue at times.  Check out the pictures to see what I'm talking about!

Click Pictures to enlarge.

See what I mean about looking blue in the first and last pictures? It's funky but I like it! This was 2 coats, and 1 top coat of SV.  Again, no problems at all with application or the formula.  Overall, I really love how rich this color is!

Soooo...thoughts? Do you own Marrow?


Illamasqua 48 Hour Flash Sale!

Good morning everyone! Real quick, just wanted to share this email I received from Illamasqua.  They're having a 15% off sale for 48 hours only!

To redeem your 15% off, simply enter the promotion code Flash15 at the checkout page, before Midnight GMT Friday 30th September 2011.
And remember, when you spend £45 after discount, you will also receive free UK standard delivery on your order.
You can visit their site HERE


Butter London All Hail the Queen

Hello everyone!  Hope you all are doing great! Little tidbit: this past weekend I attended my cousin's engagement party.  We all had so much fun!!  Well I just uploaded all the pictures I took onto my Mac as well as some videos I took on the dancefloor! Whoo hoo those made my day!  So if you're reading, Ashley I had a blast! Can't wait to send you the pics/videos!! <3 <3 (P.S. she is a huge beauty/polish nut like me, so don't be surprised if you see some guest posts from her one day!)

Sooo, back to our swatches. Today is day 2 of Butter London week featuring All Hail the Queen.  I fell in love with this color in the bottle.  It's a nude packed with shimmer, and it just caught my eye!

Click pictures to enlarge.

I have to admit, I love the color in the bottle, but on me? Not so much, which kills me to say because I looked forward to wearing this color since I got it!! :(  I feel like it washes out my skintone and does nothing for me. boooo. I feel like it would look amazing on other skintones, though. This was 2 coats of seamless application, with 1 coat of SV on top.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has this color to know what you think of it.  Those of you that don't, what do you think? Like, Dislike?


Butter London Victoriana

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well! This week I have a treat for you. It's Butter London week! All this week I will have a new Butter London color for you each day.  Today I have for you Butter London - Victoriana.  Let me start off by saying that BL is a new brand to my collection. I recently picked up a few of them during Ulta's BOGO sale last week.  I had always wanted to try BL, but they were just a bit pricey for me ($14/each). But when they were Buy One Get One Free, $7 each was easier for me to take a bite outta that apple! :)

Click pictures to enlarge.

The non-flash pictures are true to Victoriana's color. It's a dusty bluish that leans to teal/green in the light.  It has tiny silver glitter that really makes this polish pop.  AND.GUESS.WHAT?? Can you believe that this was 1 coat?? Yes, you read right! For these pictures, all I used was 1 coat for non-streaky opaque coverage, plus 1 coat of SV on top! Surprisingly, this formula isn't gloopy or thick either!

I have to say, as my first Butter London that I've gotten to try, it has definitely impressed me!

Soooo... thoughts? Do you own any Butter Londons? What do you think of Victoriana?


Revlon Starry Pink

Hi everyone!! I'm back! So sorry to have been away for so long. As you know, my camera had broken and I was waiting for my new one to come in the mail. Well I got it, but it took some getting used to. I hope I got the hang of it now ;)

So today I have for you Revlon Starry Pink. Starry Pink is 1 of the new polishes in their Fall 2011 Expressionists Collection.  As far as I know, it's only found in Target stores as of now.  They're pretty hard to find too, considering the fact that a lot of the stores are undergoing renovations, so many of them are not putting as much of their new stock out on the floor.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

I took these pictures after wearing Starry Pink for 5 days. As you can see, I've had very minimal wear on my tips, with the exception of my pointer finger. I dinged that at work and the chip progressively worsened.  I really love this color. It's a creamy pink with a variety of small and medium hex glitters.  This is 2 coats with a coat of SV on top.

As you can see, after 5 days, it held up pretty well.  I don't have anything else like it in my collection and I'm definitely a fan of it! (I even bought a couple as backups!).

Sooo, what do you think? Do you have Starry Pink? Do you like? Dislike?


Julep October Shelf Pull Options

Curiousity did not kill this cat! haha!

So I had mentioned what I was receiving in my October Julep Maven box HERE.  I really loved the colors in it, but I thought to myself, 'Maybe I should request the shelf pull justt to seeeee what it is.'  It's that What's-behind-door-number-2" mentality :) The great thing about shelf pulls are that you're not obligated to it. If you don't like what's in the shelf pull, you can always go back to your original box!

Anyways, I requested the shelf pull and I got this email response from Julep!

 I got the option to pick ANY OF THE AVAILABLE STYLES FOR OCTOBER! And it's not just for me, it's for any Maven who requested a shelf pull!  According to Julep's Facebook Page:
Beloved Mavens, we hope you enjoy being able to CHOOSE your profile this month. Maybe you're feeling more "It-girl" or maybe you are more "Boho Glam". We have HEARD YOU loud and clear that what you love is OPTIONS, so we're responding to that this month by sharing them with you. Let us know what you think! You early Mavens are shaping what the program will be for future Mavens for years and years to come. THANK YOU! Jane Park
How awesome is that?!? I really do love the option of being able to select which one we like. Way to go, Julep! Everchanging for the better! <3

Sooooo, thoughts? Did you request a shelf pull? Are you happy with your box?


My October Julep Box!

So excited!! I got an email from Julep letting me know what's in my October Maven box!

I'm really excited for this hand brightener! It sounds like an interesting product.  And Brooklyn (the reddish polish) is perfect for this winter!  The description sounds so pretty! "Ruby red with a hint of festive sparkles". Well hellllooooo!!  And Dendre is definitely not like any other color I own, I'm def excited for it!

Any of my fellow Mavens get your email also? What style are you? What are you getting in your October box?


My Camera Broke!

Ahh!! It actually broke last week, but I had some back up swatches, and also my fiance let me borrow his point and shoot.

But fret not! Saturday night I ordered a new camera on Amazon and it should be getting here Tuesday or Wednesday! I hope to be up and running very soon!  I have LOTSSSSSSS of new polishes purchased within the last month and my brother is bringing me a goodie bag of polishes from his vacay in Las Vegas!

Oh yea, and Halloween month is upon us soon, so I have some ghoulishly lovely polishes too :)

I hope this camera does me justice! Fingers crossed, guys, fingers crossed!!


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Bronze Ablaze

Hi all!!
Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far :)
Today I have for you another Sally Hansen.  Geez, 3 SH's in 1 week! Oh well, these are some fantastic colors hehe.  Bronze Ablaze is part of their Fall 2011 LE (limited edition) colors from their Insta-Dri Line.  This is my first time using their Insta-Dri polishes, and boy was it an experience.  First, the brush is kinda funky. It's flat instead of round like most other polishes.

Exhibit A.
 This definitely took some getting used to. I had to grip the brush just right so I could actually paint my nails, but once I got the hang of it after about the 5th or 6th nail on my first coat, it wasn't that bad.

See that shimmer? So lovely!

Ok let me just say, this was 2 coats, but ONLY because I wanted to get used to the flat brush. This was actually very opaque with one.  I would describe this as a gold/copper with micro glitter.  I love how in different lighting you saw the different specks of the glitter and how they all shined in different colors. It did dry very fast true to its name. And this has 1 coat of SV on top. All in all, this was a very successful first impression for me with the Insta-Dri line.

Sooo.. Thoughts? Do you own any Insta-Dri's?  Did it take some getting used to?


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-Pumpkin Spice

Hi gorgeous ladies! And Happy Friday!

Ok, I don't know about you, but summer is officially over where I live! Last night it dipped to 40 degrees. 40 DEGREES! So you know what I did?? The fiance and I trekked on over to Dunkin Donuts and I ordered me some Pumpkin Spice Latte deliciousness.  So I thoughttttt, today's nail polish could be none other than Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pumpkin Spice!

(And just a disclosure, please forgive me for the watermark craziness on these pics.  I was all involved in watching The Vampire Diaries Season premiere last night that I just don't know what I was doing! LOL)

Isn't this yum?!?! I love this color! This totally kicks off the Fall season for me! I got this at Walgreens but I've also seen it in other drug stores as well as Ulta.  This is a black jelly base with orange glitter. For this look, it took me 5 coats, but if you apply this over 1 coat of any black polish, you can achieve the same, if not better look with maybe 2 coats of Pumpkin Spice instead.  Oh and I just want to mention, this one I actually used a Seche Vite top coat because I really wanted these sparkles to shine, and shine they did!

Soooo?? Thoughts? Do you own Pumpkin Spice? Do you like? dislike?


Orly Coffee Break

Ok, Ok, I know I've already done a swatch this week in the beige family with Zoya Jules, but today's color is another favorite. And you're going to notice very quickly that almost every polish I post is "another favorite" haha.

Here I have Orly Coffee Break.

This is a creamy taupe that really reminds me of the kind of coffee I order: "light and sweet". This really only needed 1 thick coat, which is what I used here. No topcoat and it still catches the light nicely. I like Orly brushes in general, so application was comfortable and easy.  I personally would love to have their comfy-grip handles on all my polishes...le sigh.

Sooo, thoughts? Do you like Coffee Break?


Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup- Tourmeline Chrome

Hi all! Today I have a real treat.  I bought this polish a few years ago at a CVS.  They had a huge 75% off sale on cosmetics and had a bunch thrown into a bin.  It was like bobbing for apples in that thing!  I found a bunch of great lipsticks, glosses, etc...including this polish.  Today I have for you Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Tourmeline Chrome.  This is unlike any polish I own to this day.  It really does have a chrome finish which is super cool.

I decided that I would apply China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat to my index and ring finger for all the pics.
ChG Matte Magic topcoat on Index and Ring fingers

I love this polish with the matte topcoat!  It lessens the look of the ridges in my nails without taking away the uniqueness of this finish.  THIS WAS ONLY 1 COAT for full opacity- crazy!!  And best of all, this doesn't stain your nails or fingers when trying to remove it.  I had thought it might stain because the finish is very strong compared to just jelly's or some cremes.

Thoughts? Do you own any of these Chrome Nail Makeup polishes? I have never seen them again in stores unfortunately, but I did nab one other one the same time I bought this.


Funky Fingers Alice

Hi all! I have been on this glitter kick lately and it's been consuming my life!  I've bought so many just this summer.  Today I have for you Funky Fingers Alice.  This was part of their Alice in Wonderland collection when the movie was released.  I think I bought a couple more in this collection...a purple perhaps?? Alice is a yummy blue base with blue micro glitter.

This baby packs a punch! Alice is definitely a one coater, but I applied 2 because I wanted it to be packed to the max with glitter! The glitter reacts gorgeously with the light and goes from dark blue to light blue in an instant.

Thoughts? Do you have any of Funky Fingers polishes from this collection?


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