Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup- Tourmeline Chrome

Hi all! Today I have a real treat.  I bought this polish a few years ago at a CVS.  They had a huge 75% off sale on cosmetics and had a bunch thrown into a bin.  It was like bobbing for apples in that thing!  I found a bunch of great lipsticks, glosses, etc...including this polish.  Today I have for you Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Tourmeline Chrome.  This is unlike any polish I own to this day.  It really does have a chrome finish which is super cool.

I decided that I would apply China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat to my index and ring finger for all the pics.
ChG Matte Magic topcoat on Index and Ring fingers

I love this polish with the matte topcoat!  It lessens the look of the ridges in my nails without taking away the uniqueness of this finish.  THIS WAS ONLY 1 COAT for full opacity- crazy!!  And best of all, this doesn't stain your nails or fingers when trying to remove it.  I had thought it might stain because the finish is very strong compared to just jelly's or some cremes.

Thoughts? Do you own any of these Chrome Nail Makeup polishes? I have never seen them again in stores unfortunately, but I did nab one other one the same time I bought this.

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