Butter London Macbeth

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great! Today's Friday! Yes!!!!! I don't know about you, but my week has been dragggggggggggging.

So remember in yesterday's post I had mentioned that before removing my BL Marrow and Bluey, I added a top coat of glitter polish? Well same goes for today! I can't help myself! Lately I just layer different polishes over each other to see what looks I'll get.  I think next week's post might have to be a remix of some of this week's posts! Can't wait to show you!! (P.S. the one I layered over today's color is a special treat from my brother all the way from Las Vegas!)

Today I have for you Butter London Macbeth.  This is a gorgeous coral-y creme that I think is surprisingly fitting for this Fall season.  Who says Fall colors have to only be deep colors??

Click pictures to enlarge.

By now, you'll see it as no surprise that this was another perfect application.  Usually with colors like this I experience either some dragging or bald spots, but not with Macbeth.  This was 2 coats with one top coat of SV.

Soooo....what do you think? Do you think Macbeth is too loud for the Fall or can we pull it off?!


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