Zoya Jules

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.  Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days. I had both a birthday and graduation party this weekend to attend.

Today I have for you Zoya Jules.  Jules is a taupe, tan, beige-ish color with gold undertones and shimmer.  It's the smaller size, so no, my hands are not gi-normous, and I'm pretty sure I got this in a blog sale for super cheap.  This also may have been the first Zoya in my collection!  I sound like such an old fart who can't remember anything! HAHA, truth is, when you buy tons of polishes within a day, week, or season's span, you lose track of how you obtained it all! LOL

I absolutely love this color. I think it's fabulous and appropriate for all seasons and the formula is great. This was 2 coats of heaven, no topcoat.  What I do remember when I bought this polish, is that I wasn't sure if the color would compliment my skin tone, because I have some troubles within the nude color family range of polishes, but the price was so great I figured, heyyyyy why not?!?.  I'm so glad I did get it because it's really gorgeous!

Soo...thoughts? Do you own any Zoyas? Do you own Jules? What do you think?

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