Monday Marble - Tutorial

Hi everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

I've got a real treat for you today. A bunch of my nail polish friends and I thought it would be fun to do a day of water marbling where all of us would do some marbles and post them all for everyone to see! I've never featured any of my water marbles on here, so I figured I'd do a tutorial as well.

At the end of this post, you'll be able to see everyone else's designs of who participated, so be sure to check them out!

Let's begin (this is a very picture heavy post!)

What You'll Need:
-Water (I used room temperature bottled water, seems to work better than tap water)
-Nail polishes of your color choice (for beginners, I recommend China Glaze polishes, because they work very well for marbles
-A cup (I use an old Orbit gum cup, the ones that are supposed to fit car cup holders)
-A disposable plate (I work on top of this to contain the mess, because believe me, it gets messy!)
-A toothpick, needle, anything that has a pointy end
-Polish remover
-Cotton swabs/q-tips
-Eyeshadow makeup brush (for clean up)
-Scotch tape (to tape around your nails to prevent getting polish all over your fingers)

Step 1
These are all of the polishes I used for my Marble. I painted my nails with a white base (OPI Alpine Snow) then used the following China Glaze polishes for the actual marble:
Near Dark, Go Go Pink, Electric Pineapple, Recycle and Sexy Lady

 Step 2
Pour water into your cup and unscrew all of the bottle caps off your polishes so you can move fast. Begin by dropping a drop of polish into your cup. Then with another color, drop into the center of the previous drop. Repeat until you are satisfied with the variety of color in your cup.

Step 3
Take your toothpick (or whatever your using) and lightly drag across the surface of the water and go crazy with whatever patterns you can think of!

Step 4
Take your finger, and dip it into the water (I did 2-3 fingers at a time) and keep your nail submerged under the water until Step 5

Step 5
With your nails still under the water, take your toothpick (or whatever you're using) and twirl the remaining polish on the surface until it is all gone.

Step 6
Slowly pull your fingers out of the water. It should look something like this! Take your cotton swab dipped in remover and begin removing the excess polish from your fingers.

Step 7
Take your eye makeup brush, or q-tip and clean up around your cuticles for a more "polished" look
 Voila! You're all done!!

So here is my finished product!
Now go check out my other nail polish friends participating in this Monday Marble!

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