OPI - Steady As She Rose

Hi everyone!
By the time I got home last night, I had on the remnants of yesterday's tape mani. I lost most of the rhinestones, I was picking at the polish lines because they were raised from my nail and I couldn't help it!

So I kicked back on the sofa, acetone in hand when I said to myself, "Ehh, I'll just have naked nails for a couple of days..." I quickly realized I was hallucinating because I hadn't eaten dinner, snapped out of my haze and ran to my helmer for a polish! I did decide, though, that I wanted something simple and clean. What did I end up with? OPI - Steady As She Rose.

SASR is from OPI's LE 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collection, which was released in conjunction with the movie. I really am a huge fan of this set and am still contemplating getting the others I don't have.

SASR is a muted pink/purple/grey pastel creme.The first coat is streaky, as with most pastel polishes, but only needed 1 more coat to even things out. This was the perfect polish to give me a break from all the glitters and marbles and shimmers, oh my! But you can betcha, that when I get home tonight, I'll probably be layering a glitter over this...just because I can't leave plain nails alone! :)

Soooooo...thoughts? Were you a fan of the On Stranger Tides collection? Do you like Steady As She Rose? Can you not leave a mani alone for more than one day? (hehe)

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