Halloween Pumpkin Black Light Polish/Glitter

Hi everyone! Sorry, I really didn't know how else to title this post! These two I am about to show you are unnamed polishes from an unnamed brand. I picked these up at RiteAid for about $1.99 each, among others in the display. Their bottles are what really caught my eye :)

The first is a pumpkin-orange color and it has a sticker that says "Black Light", but I don't have a black light to test out its glow potency, so I'll just have to take their word for it on this one. Also, the polish has glitter?...I don't know what they are! They're like salt specks! That's the only way I can explain it! Let's just get to the pictures and you can see for yourself!

Click pictures to enlarge.

See what I mean? What the heck are they?? This was 2 coats without topcoat. I couldn't wear it alone, so I decided to see what it would look like with another of the pumpkin polishes I bought. This one is a gold bar and hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

Yuck! This was not flattering to me at all! The glitter was so thick and cakey, and then some of the bar glitter started to curl. Blegh!!! So to try and save it, I added 1 coat of the Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin, which is a sheer orange base with orange/goldish shimmer. This was a fail. A huge fail. I immediately whipped out the acetone and got to work!

I have a few more of these pumpkin polishes that I still need to try. Hopefully my experience with them will be a little better.

Sooo...thoughts? Really, just anything at this point...this gold glitter gave me the creeps. LOL

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