Ulta Duo: Vampire Kiss and Howl at the Moon

Hi everyone! Just so as no one gets confused, I will be doing posts weekly as well as participating in the 11-Week Mani Challenge. Today's post is just one of those regular posts in between the challenge.

I had a $5 off coupon for Ulta, so of course I had to go see how I could use it.  I ended up picking up quite a few polishes and many of them were on sale.  Yay for me!  One of the items I picked up was an Ulta duo polish set for Halloween. The set contains 2 Ulta brand polishes, both jellies :) Vampire Kiss is a magenta-ish and Howl at the Moon is a deep blue/purple.

Vampire Kiss

Howl at the Moon

Believe it or not, the pigment in these 2 polishes was very hard to capture in pictures. I love how squishy they look though! Each polish was 2 coats with a top coat of SV. VK had better coverage than HATM, which you can see had some streaking and bald spots. All in all though, I'm really glad I have these 2 polishes in my collection!

Sooooooo...thoughts? Do you own this duo? What is your experience with Ulta polishes?

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