O.P.I. My Private Jet

Hi everyone!
It's been so long that I've actually posted some swatches! I'm so happy to be back! Yay me!!

Today I have for you O.P.I. My Private Jet. I've heard there are several versions of this that O.P.I. has come out with, but none come close to the original formula.  I've never seen any other versions of MPJ in person, just the one I have.  Onto the pictures, shall we?

Click pictures to enlarge.

Many call one of the versions "yuck brown".  Since this one is a tad on the brownish side, I'm assuming this is the version I have? LOL. I really love the holo flecks in this polish.  This was 2 coats of MPJ and 1 coat of SV. I really do love this color. It shines so pretty in the sun and I actually caught myself glimpsing at my nails every chance I got. I was my own nail polish stalker!

Soooo....thoughts? Do you own any of the MPJ's?

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